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My girlfriend and I recently enjoyed a bit of fun together in a forest in Cranbrook, Kent, and yesterday we thought we could try again. The last time we met a man named Tom, who was picked up the wood and the two ended up having sex with her. We took a quick drink first, then headed on down to the entrance to the forest and was found parked. There were three other cars and there is very little space, but I managed to get my car in walked along the track and moving to the right as he had done before. There was the rope swing, previously cleaned and like a big kid who had a go quickly to mind when dealing with the mud. We sat on the blanket she had bought with us and chatted for a while during this period, several people wandered too axatube close, today is much busier than ever. Dod walkers, etc. n However, they have begun to play a kiss, etc. Before long, she lifted her skirt ( no underwear, as before) and I was relieved with two fingers in her wet pussywhile sucking cock revealed. A times have we heard the noise stopped as soon as an elderly couple wandered a little too close. given much attention in the queue so I guess that 's why I hadnt seen a man to move more and more until axatube there was more than twenty yards from us. I knew I had seen, and pulled back slightly against a tree. I said I would do, as axatube he was told. He laughed for a second and asked if I had company. I said to keep sucking me. So it could point in man. did nothing for a moment, then slowly approached. was a young man, not more than twenty years, very tall and very thin. Apparently he was nervous and flat to yes and axatube no answer. I was still on all fours, slowly sucking the axatube cock, with her hair covered most of what they did. I had stopped playing with it before, but now I lifted her skirt again. was a few yards from his back and stood a little so that he couldsee better. I looked inserted a finger into her pussy and pulled it. I saw it, as I have repeated over and over again. Insert was not ideal, so I told them to stop and sat down. gave my cock and took it back to me suck. The man looked very concerned whenever there was a sound of the woods, but I pulled the skirt at the waist and axatube gestured for him to touch her. He came and saw the palm of your hand go between his legs. When I stroked her hair, I heard a groan. ' I think it will be fucked up now,' he said. ' help yourself', I told the boy. He stood behind her and opened his pants. There was some shuffling, and was clearly trying to get into it, but it was with much difficulty. This fight was for a while and then said suddenly, and, unfortunately, made off. axatube This was not good. I asked if it would be better if I walked some distance and gave them a little more privacy. ' Is that OK ?' heorder. I told him to stay there and do only what they said. I told him to instruct her what she wanted. He nodded. If you do this for me was not easy, with an unfinished building, but I did axatube and he left them, but not completely out of sight. I bit off a piss for a minute or two and when I returned I could not see exactly what they did, but I suspect axatube that now condemns the back, and he was. As I look back disappeared in the axatube direction of the car a bit, then quietly approached from the other side. they had a good 10 minutes. When I approached, I saw standing there and pull their pants. She looked very disheveled and was half sitting half. smiled and thanked me, but still nervous. mumbled something about his house and shot in the back. I sat beside him and told him to tell me everything. When I said I was lying on his back, legs and slid my dick inside her. axatube was highlyI was always sticky and covered, since slipped in and out of it. said she axatube asked him what he did suck. His cock was not as thick as mine, but it was very, very long, he said. was also very hard and became more and more to build, had to keep his belly to enter the mouth. And he said, she went to bed and after some research of her pussy with his fingers, he pushed his cock into her on the handle. He sighed and sucked her breasts through her top. She said it was very fast as he fucked her and at one point wanted to tell him to slow, but soon felt beginning to end. He sucked and nibbled her neck, leaving a trail there. She arrived moments later, as he kissed her. was asked if there was semen and she said she had. He withdrew and told him to turn around and bend over what he did, then he went in the back. You axatube said, in seconds it was fucking even faster this time and she struggled not to fall forward when you hit them. Soon, he began to moan and soon arrived with his cock buried in her, she was gasping and grabbing her buttocks. She said she felt so dirty and so good. When full of them said they felt that throbs and spasms. Finally, he slipped out of her and she wondered if she would try to get his ass while he rubs his hard cock still in her wet anus to feel more than once. no protest, and was curious, but should be a lesson to be guided by and stopped. knelt and helped her then kissed her and she snogged for a few minutes before he stood up to dress. She said she was very gentle and very sweet. Thats when he returned. Meanwhile, my cock was about to explode and that he had caught more and more, when he told me axatube what had happened. I pulled my cock from her pussy and held her legs pushed further into axatube her ass. Looked worried for a second Then I pushed her, she relaxed a little and went into it. Gently at first, but theor accelerating with more and more until I was fucking with them. I was desperate to finish. with a view to relocation, there is only maximized, another rooster man was too much for me to cope. I could smell that she had shot and I could see the marks on his neck, I could see the liquid in her pussy. I looked into her eyes, her lips touching and panting, soon began to spread. It was not far behind her and pumped my sperm deep into her ass. were both panting. stay there with my dick still inside her was great. wanted to recover and walk again. I go to bed and we kissed. was in the woods for a while to stay longer but had to axatube dress quickly, as a group of people wandered too close. We headed back to the car. Let's hope the weather stays reasonable and you can always try again. we have several people from SH to be met before and it was good, but the fun is planned that we pray with the two boys in the woodsTLY has been the most exciting. I hope it stays dry.
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